TwoChain plan release

The OneChain XONE is a branch chain of CHIA. It has the characteristics of zero pre-excavation, 1% reward for innovation time, 3% reward for community, and rapid production reduction. It is very important to let the vast number of CHIA miners get a fair and just return. By implementing a more equitable and sustainable investment and mining model, it will contribute to the distribution of social wealth and promote the growth of personal income. In addition, giving miners a fair return helps cultivate their positive attitude. They are more willing to continue to participate in the mining industry rather than give up.

The circulation of OneChain: 10000 XONE per block, halved annually in the first three years, and reduced production several times. The total output in three decades is about 13.8 billion.

In order to better support the ecological development of the OneChain, we are planning to issue the OneChain currency named XTWO, which is a popular pledge currency, in order to increase the value and audience of the OneChain. XTWO will act as the facilitator of the OneChain to enhance the value of the OneChain and investors’ confidence in the OneChain.

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There are 10 XTWO in each block of the TwoChain, with 2% for the time lord and 6% for the community. The total output in 30 years is about 50 million.

In order to make the TwoChain develop better, we plan to gradually reduce the supply of XTWO in the next three years by adopting the method of “halving the production every year”. In this way, the price of XONE can be kept stable in the short term, and it can also bring greater returns to long-term investors.

3 million XTWO will be pre-dug in the TwoChain, all of which will be used to support the ecological development of the OneChain. This will also help to promote the value of OneChain to a new level, so that OneChain can contribute more value to the CHIA ecosystem.

The conversion ratio is 10000 XONE: 10 XTWO (the ratio is that one block award is converted into one block award, and the conversion will be conducted through platform).

It is estimated that 3 billion XONE will be recovered, and the recovered XONE will be destroyed or used for the post-lock-up reward to ensure the healthy development of the OneChain market. This can not only restrain the supply of XONE, but also bring considerable benefits to investors who hold XONE for a long time. It can not only encourage investors to hold XONE for a long time, but also maintain the value of XONE, and effectively realize the sustainable development of the ecosystem of the OneChain.

Pledge ratio: the calculation power without pledge is doubled, the calculation power of 1T pledge 0.5 XTWO is doubled, and the calculation power of 1T pledge 10 XTWO is increased by 20 times (Up to 200 times of computing power) The formula on the computing power calculation page shall prevail.

Online time of TwoChain: 12:00 on March 1, 2023

ChiaX platform is open for trading and exchange at 12:00 on February 25, 2023

The development of the OneChain needs your support. The irregular issuance of high-quality forked coins will help improve the value and ecological development of the OneChain. This will also attract more investors to participate, inject more vitality into the OneChain, and enable it to bring greater value to the ecosystem.


兑换按比例10000 XONE:10 XTWO(比例是一个区块奖励兑换一个区块奖励,兑换将通过ChiaX.net平台进行交易兑换)。

质押比例:不质押算力为1倍,1T质押0.5 XTWO算力增加1倍,1T质押10 XTWO算力增加20倍.(最高200倍算力)具体按算力计算页面公式为准。